Coffman Cove

Coffman Cove is located on the northeastern coast of Prince of Whales Island in southeast Alaska. The town was named after Lt. Dewitt Coffman in 1886.  The town became a center for the logging industry in the 1950’s and remained a logging town until 1997.

Currently, Coffman Cove has about 200 residents and can be accessed by two roads, boat, float plane, or ferry.  It is the only paved small community in the area. There is a boat harbor, launch ramp and sea plane base. The Riggin’ Shack is the town’s general store where hunting and fishing licenses, clothing, and groceries can be purchased. Coffman Cove has a library with wireless internet access. Coffman Cove also has a gas station, The Dog House Restaurant and Bar, and outdoor recreational vehicle rentals.
City Brochure


Early Days of Coffman Cove, Alaska

Here are some images of early Coffman Cove.

This is a video of when Geraldo Rivera came to Coffman Cove with 60 Minutes.