Cutthroat Trout

Cutthroat Trout

Coffman Cove is the place to be for a wide variety of fishing opportunities.  The ocean fishing is amazing as well as the fresh water fishing in the various creeks and lakes in the area. In Coffman Cove you can purchase an out-of-state or in-state fishing license at the Riggin’ Shack or you can visit, and purchase it online.

Below is a list of the best times to visit Coffman Cove depending on what type of fishing you plan on doing while visiting. For a great overview of the fishing on Prince of Wales Island please refer to

Make sure to be aware and up to date on local fishing regulations.

Saltwater (Fish and Game Reports)

Species Peak
 King Salmon May – July
 Coho Salmon July – August
 Chum Salmon July – August
 Pink Salmon July and August
 Sockeye Salmon June – August
 Halibut June – September
 Rockfish June – September
 Ling Cod All Year


 Species Peak
 King Salmon July
 Coho Salmon August and September
 Sockeye Salmon July – August
 Chum Salmon August
 Pink Salmon July – September
 Dolly Varden July – October
 Steelhead April/May/November/December
 Rainbow May – June
 Cutthroat May-June
 Brook July – September
 Grayling All Year

Fishing Guides

There are multiple fishing guides in the area that offer self guided trips to full service guided trips. For a one of a kind charter for Halibut and Salmon, check out  More information on guide services may be found at, where you can download the City of Coffman Cove brochure, which provides a listing of guides and services and how they can be reached. . A canoe is available at Kevin’s cabin for no charge. We just ask that you use sound judgment before you decide to tackle the water. The weather can change in a moment’s notice and if you are inexperienced, you may be in for more than you bargained for.



Forest Service Cabins

There are two United States Forest Service cabins in the area that offer primitive lodging for a small fee. Both cabins would provide opportunities for interesting side trips during your stay at Kevin’s Cabins. Sweetwater Lake Cabin is located a few miles from Coffman that is accessible by foot, boat or float plane. Barnes Lake Cabin is accessible by boat or float plane. Both are very remote. Please click on the links for more information. Access to the cabins is by foot, boat or plane. These are very primitive cabins so you have to be prepared. The only amenities are wood cook stove, bunk beds and a dry place to stay. Both cabins are situated right on the lakes and offer spectacular views. Wood is not provided by the Forest Service so wood will have to be gathered by the adventurer. Bring a chainsaw if you have one.

I have personally stayed in both cabins as a young adult. In the summer months, fishing is good, and exploring the shore line is a must. Bring a good book. Winter camping at the cabins is an adventure. Sweetwater Lake will freeze affording you long walks across the lake. Wolves can be heard howling at night and their music will travel over the ice. We used to sit out by the fire and listen to the wolves for hours on end with a warm drink by the fire.

Sweetwater Lake Cabin

Barnes Lake Cabin


black-bearThe Sitka Black Tail Deer season is from August 1st– January 1st each year. More information on hunting and hunting permits is available from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website.

Hunting Gallery
*Be aware, gallery contains images of harvested animals.


There are numerous lakes in the area that are fun to fish and explore. The most notable are Luck Lake,  and Sweetwater Lake. Both lakes offer an opportunity to catch salmon and trout. Luck Creek is a smaller feeder creek into Luck Lake which offers Cutthroat, Rainbow, and some Dolly Varden. Luck Creek is a small creek which varies in width depending on the time of your trip. Luck Lake empties into Eagle Creek, a top destination for Steelhead Trout.

Luck Lake is located approximately 7 Miles south of Coffman Cove. There is a boat launch, plenty of parking and offers an overnight parking area. This is a primitive spot, no water or electricity is available.

Paddling – Canoeing and Kayaking on Prince of Wales Island, Coffman Cove Alaska

Honker Divide

A challenging route for experienced canoeist, the Honker Divide involves logjams, portaging, rapids, and the Thorne River Falls. The area is very remote with lots of wildlife such as bears, eagles, swans, and salmon.  There are various potential campsites along the route as well as access to a Forest Service Cabin. For more detailed information visit the GORP site:


Hiking on the Island can be amazing, it is a rainforest afterall. SeaTrails is a great resource to learn more about the trails and hiking available around Coffman Cove: SeaTrails